*Please note that service pricing is Gender Neutral and determined by Hair density, length, technique, product amount required and timing, in the consultation with your Stylist.

*Please arrive to your appointment with clean dry Hair in its natural state, worn down.



For the First Time Client who desires a refresh/touch-up cut that is a 1-1.5 inch trim(approx). This experience begins with a thorough consultation, includes Hair cleansing/conditioning, blow out finish, shape shift + detailing and product recommendations. If after your consult your Hair is determined to be within the Short Haircut parameters, we will price your service accordingly. **For more substantial changes, length and or weight removal, please book the Transformational Haircut.



For Returning Clients with Hair lengths touching the top of the ear to the chin, from chin to shoulder, from shoulder and longer. This is a refresh/touch-up cut for maintaining your beautifully crafted cut. Trimming of length, shape shift + detailing maintenance. May include scissor and or razor work. Includes a Hair cleansing/conditioning + Blowout finish.



For Returning Clients with Hair above the ear, scissor cut or simple clipper work. Includes application of styling product. *Does not include Blowout. **Scheduled every 4-8 weeks.



Perfect for initiating empowered positive change in your life. GREAT for Clients transitioning into Shags, Shullets, Mullets, French Bobs, Pixies, and all of their relatives, with or without Bangs.

This is for First Time and/or Returning Client who wants a BIG change, major length and/or weight removal and a complete shape shift. This is a uniquely crafted custom cut that frames+enhances your best features and grows out beautifully over time. Your Stylist begins with a thorough consultation discussing the desired look, sharing images, lifestyle, expectations, maintenance, styling tutorial and product recommendations. May be done using scissors and/or razor.

Bang Trim 20+

15 Minutes

For maintaining existing Bangs between Haircuts. May be done wet or dry, with razor and or scissor work.

New Bangs 30+

20 Minutes

When you want to add Bangs of any length/shape to your existing Haircut. May be done wet or dry, with razor and or scissor work. *For New/Returning Clients.

Bangs w/Face Framing 50-60

30 Minutes

When you want to add some Bangs with some beautiful face framing detail work to enhance and bring out your best features. Gateway to a Shag or Mullet when you’re not quite ready to pull the trigger, but want more detail and movement that beautifully frames your face. Suitable for Short or Long Hairstyles, there is something for everyone! May include a crown lift, be done wet or dry, with scissor and/or razor work. *For New + or Returning Clients wanting to maintain Shag/Mullet face frame/crown lift between appointments.

Shampoo Blowout · 50+

Flat Iron/Curls add on  ·25+

Upstyling · 65+

*Corrective and/or Creative Color requires a consultation, with pricing to be determined upon consult.

*Blow Dry included when you are also scheduled for a Haircut.

*Blow dry is an add on service if you are ONLY receiving color.


AVEDA has developed the first Hair Color that is 96% naturally derived.
Our innovative formulas are essentially damage-free and infused with conditioning plant oils that leave your hair in better condition than when you arrived, with amazing depth and shine!

Balayage~Hair Painting~Foilayage 175-300+

Single Process~(New Growth only) 90+

Full Color/Virgin Tint~(New Growth+Mid lengths+Ends 110-150+

Bleach+Tone~Priced upon consult

Toner 45+

Highlighting/Lowlighting~Traditional Foil work

Face Frame · 75+
Crown · 85+

Partial · 150+
Full · 200+
Glossing · 85+

Blow Dry w/ Color Service 25-45+

Wedding/Event Hairstyling

Wedding Hair Services
Trial Run Wedding Style · 100+ per hour
Wedding Day/Bridal Style · priced upon consult
On location services available · priced upon consult

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