Reuben Kroiz, Master Stylist/Colorist
I am very excited to be part of the team at Alpha Studio as a founder and as a Stylist.  Jointly with Jill Sell, we have created an environment for our Artists and Guests to come together in a relaxed yet professional space to create great looks that fit with your vision.  I personally see my job as a Stylist as a collaborative art.  I take time to conduct a thorough consultation with my guest that promotes an understanding of their expectations, and allows us to create a vision of the cut and color that will best compliment his or her lifestyle.  I am also very proud to be a partner with Aveda, a company that puts the environment first when developing its products, and has led the industry for over 30 years to produce environmentally sustainable products with the highest quality standards.  Aveda is also one of the top education and fashion forward companies in the Beauty industry. This allows me to continually build on my understanding and ability as a Stylist and has provided me with amazing educational and career opportunities such as advanced classes with industry heavyweights in New York, Berlin, and Milan, to participation in New York Fashion Week.
Colleen Carter, Master Stylist/Colorist

The Art of Beauty is a unique vision consisting of health, wellness, and a passion for ones comfort.  By educating our Guests here at Alpha, we can accomplish the vision together.  I truly enjoy deciphering any hair issues my Guests present to me.  Think: Long Division for Hair.  There are also those days when the simplest task makes everything work a little easier.  Maybe it’s a reshaping of the bangs, or the discovery of a hair product that makes life that much better.  The Art of Hair is not exact.  It’s a wonderful individual journey that will take its twists and turns throughout your life.   Consider me the passenger that knows how to read the map.

Jessica Johnson, Master Stylist/Colorist

After moving to the Charm City from Miami, Florida I am proud to celebrate joining the team of artists at Alpha Studio. I bring two decades of artistic presentation with a technical application to all who I encounter in my chair. My personal goals drive me to educate my guests through an in-depth consultation, giving us the opportunity to collaborate focusing on the trends to this unique market. I pride myself on keenly recognizing the value of learning and evolving, innovating looks to support my clients needs and desires.