Reuben Kroiz, Master Stylist/Colorist
I am very excited to be part of the team at Alpha Studio as a founder and as a stylist.  Jointly with Jill Sell, we have created an environment for our Artists and clients to come together in a relaxed yet professional space to create great looks that fit with our guests’ vision.  I personally see my job as a stylist as a collaborative art.  I take time to conduct a thorough consultation with my guest that promotes an understanding of their expectations, and allows us to create a vision of the cut and color that will best compliment his or her lifestyle.  I am also very proud to be a partner with Aveda, a company that puts the environment first when developing its products, and has led the industry for over 30 years to produce environmentally sustainable products with the highest quality standards.  Aveda is also one of the top education and fashion forward companies in the industry, enabling me to continually build on my understanding and ability as a stylist and has provided me with amazing educational and career opportunities such as advanced classes with industry heavyweights in New York, Berlin, and Milan, to participation in New York fashion week.
Colleen Carter, Master Stylist/Colorist
The Art of Beauty is a unique vision consisting of health, wellness, and a passion for ones comfort.  By educating our guests at Alpha with the knowledge of the Aveda message, we can accomplish the vision together.  I truly enjoy deciphering any hair issues my guests present to me.  Think: Long Division for Hair.  There are also those days when the simplest task makes everything work a little easier.  Maybe it’s a snip of some bangs, or the discovery of a hair product that makes life that much better.  The Art of Hair is not exact.  It’s a wonderful individual journey that will take its twists and turns throughout your life.   Consider me the passenger that knows how to read the map.
Barbara Johnson, Master Stylist/Colorist
I had already been in the salon industry for eleven years when I joined Alpha Studio in June of 2011, and in 2005 I was awarded “Best Stylist,” by City Paper (Baltimore).  I enjoy collaborating with my guests to create a style to fit their lifestyle that makes them feel comfortable, confident and satisfied.  I specialize in precision haircuts based on a classic style with an updated edge.   At Alpha, I am surrounded by talented stylists who foster my own creativity, which makes me strive to be the best I can be.  The commitment of Aveda to continuing education and to protecting and giving back to the environment, is an extension of my personal beliefs and makes me a proud member of the Alpha team.  I embrace new challenges and look forward to the possibility of meeting you at Alpha.
Kelly Grassia, Senior Stylist/Colorist
I began my training with Aveda in Cleveland, Ohio at the Brown Aveda Institute.  Making the transition to Baltimore now nearly 4 years ago was simply the perfect jump start to my career.  I truly love working with Aveda and aligning myself with their environmental mission.  Since becoming a part of the team at Alpha Studio I have found myself continually refining my skills by participating in regional advanced educational training with Aveda; including the opportunity to train at the Aveda Advanced Academy in New York City with its director Gerard Scarpacci.  I sincerely believe that making people look and feel great is the most rewarding part of my job and love the creativity that each client inspires.
Sara Gemmell, Senior Stylist/Colorist & Waxing
Aesthetically, I am drawn to natural beauty.   As a stylist, I place importance on enhancing each guest’s individual attributes through an unconventional and innovative design.  My perspective on life is continually enhanced through the individuality of each person that sits in my chair and I sincerely value interaction with all of my guests.  I have worked with Aveda for almost a decade, and share their dedication to a holistic and natural approach to health and beauty.
 Heather Malchow, Emerging Stylist/Colorist
My journey began at the Aveda Institute Columbus in Ohio.  Upon getting licensed I moved myself and my cat to Baltimore further expanding our horizons.  I am proud to be a new member of the Alpha Studio team and am looking forward to enhancing my knowledge in all areas of cosmetology.  While in my hands I want you to experience the relaxation and wellness Aveda techniques and aromas provide. With a scalp and shoulder ritual before your shampoo or hand ritual preformed while you wait for color to process.  Each ritual is preformed using essential oils blended specifically to promote a feeling of calming and healing.  I have always admired natural beauty in others and in our environment, my goal is to enhance and protect your natural beauty through the use of design, color, and product recommendations based on your specific needs.  I look forward to meeting each new guest and discovering how I can exceed their expectations.
Aimee Bendis, Esthetician & Makeup Artist
I have always had a keen interest in skincare, and being an advocate for the environment, I was eager to enroll at the Aveda Institute when it opened in Washington D.C.  During my time at the Institute, my knowledge of Aveda products and my appreciation of its mission grew to where I can now today fully educate my clients based on their individual needs.  It is my belief that the more one knows about their skin, and the products available to bring out the best in their skin, better results are closer within reach than ever before.  Even though I completed my official training in 2006, I am a forever student of the Aveda cause and continue my training through Aveda’s continuing education classes as well as what I can teach myself through current articles and journals. I am happy to be a part of Alpha Studio team, and I look forward to sharing my knowledge with you.
Melissa De La Rosa, Salon Apprentice  Bio coming soon……. 

Rebekah Allen, RMP-Registered Massage Practitioner