Reuben Kroiz, Co-Founder, Master Stylist/Colorist


I am very excited to be part of the team at Alpha Studio as a founder and as a Stylist.  Jointly with Jill Sell, we have created an environment for our Artists and Guests to come together in a relaxed yet professional space to create great looks that fit with your vision.  I personally see my job as a Stylist as a collaborative art.  I take time to conduct a thorough consultation with my guest that promotes an understanding of their expectations, and allows us to create a vision of the cut and color that will best compliment his or her lifestyle.  I am also very proud to be a partner with Aveda, a company that puts the environment first when developing its products, and has led the industry for over 30 years to produce environmentally sustainable products with the highest quality standards.  Aveda is also one of the top education and fashion forward companies in the Beauty industry. This allows me to continually build on my understanding and ability as a Stylist and has provided me with amazing educational and career opportunities such as advanced classes with industry heavyweights in New York, Berlin, and Milan, to participation in New York Fashion Week.

Specializations: Color, Balayage Hair Painting, Foilayage, Highlights, Corrective Color, Long Hair, French Bobs, Bangs, Face Framing

Colleen Carter, Master Stylist/Colorist


“No two heads are alike, which creates a uniqueness to every hairstyle. I’ve realized through this work, that it takes an artistic knowledge, joined with a confidence of trust, to form the relationship between myself and my Client.  There’s a wonderful range for scissor and razor cuts to create a cheeky Bomb or a textural Pixie cut. Along with exacting geometric lines of super Straight hair or carving into billowing Curl. Let’s talk about your Hair. We’ll see what we can come up with together.”

Specializations: Pixies, French Bobs, Curls, Bangs, Face Framing, Color, Highlights/Lowlights, Balayage Hair Painting, Grey Blending, Creative Color

Jill, Co-Founder, Creative Director, Stylist/Colorist


Jill’s Instagram

With 3 decades behind the chair, film, TV, NYFW and beyond, I come with not only a vast and varied experience, but an eye for what will Transform your look. I’ve recently relocated back to Baltimore after spending the last 12 years living and working in San Francisco, training with world class Artists, honing her advanced razor-cutting skills and Hair Painting techniques.

I welcome ALL Hair textures!!! I specialize in organic razor-crafted looks to frame and amplify your best features, while honoring your hair’s natural texture, taking inspiration from 60’s and 70’s Bohemian Hair, 70’s and 80’s Punk and classic French Bobs. Ultimately, the vibe is effortless, low-to-no maintenance Hair, that evolves with you, as it grows out beautifully.

Eco-friendly, low-tox Custom Dimensional Hair Painting is a wonderful way to compliment any shape and may only need to be done twice a year. Think sun-kissed, gentle grow out and long lasting results.

Specializations: Shags, Bardot-esque Shapes/Silhouettes, Shullets, Mullets, French Bobs, Pixie Cuts, Bangs+Face-framing, Curls, Razor/Scissor work, Balayage Hair Painting, Foilayage